First blog...ever!

Welcome to my new website AND my first official blog!

In the upcoming days and weeks, this is where you can go to get helpful information on a variety of topics I'll be writing about.

Well, this picture says it all. I had a "dream" (albeit pretty recently) to start my own business as a business coach. When I started writing it all out, it became a "goal" to accomplish this. I broke the goal down into pieces - MANY pieces -- and it became my "plan". Once I started working my plan, it involved many, many (did I say "many"?) "actions" that had to take place.

One action that cannot be ignored was/is praying for the Lord's guidance and direction and the request that He guide my steps every step of the way. He has answered in huge ways - He never disappoints!

So browse around my website, see what I offer, and join my "socialize" (aka forum) to join in on the conversation. Feel free to share my website with others. I look forward to helping you, whether you need help with your business or help/guidance in reaching your personal life's goals.

Let the games begin!!

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